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Teknowlogy Factory LLC

Building Knowledge.  Improving Performance.  Transforming Organizations.  Bringing Global Audiences Together Through Technology, Innovation, Love for Learning, and Diversity.

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Why work with The Teknowlogy Factory

Passion for Learning

We are passionate about learning and helping you learn what is needed to be successful in the workplace.

Passion for Diversity

Our passion for diversity helps organizations realize the value in the uniqueness of their employees.

Passion for Employee Engagement

Engaged employees become employees that stay and contribute to the organizations growth. We help you create a culture of engagement and buy in.

Passion for Technology

Technology is our foundation. We help you learn systems to increase productivity. We consult with you to recommend the best systems for your organization. Let's implement a technology solution that optimizes your organization's performance!

Passion for Performance

Performance Assessment, Performance Improvement, and Performance Implementation closes the gaps in your organization. As Performance Consultants, we are here to help you get the most from your investment (people, processes, and products).  

About The Teknowlogy Factory LLC

We aim to boost organizational performance through technology and diversity.

We build knowledge and improve performance.

Our Programs

We create solutions to help you excel in the workplace.


Expand your knowledge toolkit by reading from the most prominent experts.

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“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

Winston Churchill

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