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Heart of Diversity Consulting LLC

Diversity is not only hard work.  It's heart work.

Diversity Training Curriculum & Consulting

Diversity Overview

What is diversity, equity, inclusion, & belonging?

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The ABCs of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging. 

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Building Cultural Competence

One time for the culture. What is cultural competence?

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Expanding your cultural awareness.

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Executive Diversity Coaching

Executives are responsible for leading the diversity strategy.  Build your strategy today.  

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Executive coaching and leadership coaching for individuals and groups who are responsible for leading the diversity strategy.

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Managing Microagressions

in the Workplace

What are common microagressions and how do you manage them?

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Microagressions can impact the culture of your organization. Understand how to deal with these in the workplace.

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Diversity and Sustainability

What is your sustainability plan?  How is your plan impacting the community?

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Develop your sustainability framework.

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Organizational Design and Diversity

How should you include diversity in your organization re-design?

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Creating a diversity talent strategy.

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Global Diversity Implementation

Ready to take diversity global?

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Build your global framework and strategy.

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Reducing Implicit Bias

What is implicit bias?

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Reducing biases in the workplace.

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Building a Diverse Talent Bench

Methods to diversify your talent bench and attract your top talent.

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Create a talent strategy that attracts top talent.

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Employee Resource Groups

Build an Employee Resource Group strategy.

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Employee Resource Groups create more engagement.

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